Web Development

Web Development

Today, the digital revolution has transformed our entire world in terms of how we interact and lead our lifestyles. The world is increasingly becoming both virtual and technologically advanced in nature. This is why today, it is very imperative for any business to have a certain amount of online presence because the internet is where all the action is. This is one of the major reasons why we see a lot of brands employing web designing services in order to get themselves the most engaging of web presence and traction online.

At Last Search, we have a unique motto that we believe in following to the T. "Everyone loves you when Google loves you."Our philosophy is pretty practical-minded and rooted in the Google rankings that decide which website is the best through its public engagement policies. At Last Search, we provide our clients with best in class web designing and SEO services in Mumbai in order to accelerate the rate at which your business grows and expands with the help of your website.

At Lastsearch, we specialize in custom designing to meet user requirements while keeping in mind the business objectives. Being the best website designing & development company in Mumbai, we look forward to helping you build the next big website projects.

Lastsearch is best website designing company where we are creating websites as per the need of our customers. We know that every customer is different and has different needs.

At Lastsearch, a leading web design company, we combine knowledge, experience and talent to produce cutting edge visuals in web designing. Our website packages provide absolute solution to the businesses or individuals, to post simple information about themselves or about their company onto the web pages


Just like our name, we indeed promise that we would be your last search when it is about catering to all of your website designing needs. We firmly believe in ensuring that all of our web-driven clients, both national and international get full benefits of the host of digital solutions that we offer for their unprecedented success. Our services include SEO, Pay per click, Social Media Marketing, and Software designing, basically all of those sub-verticals that come under the ambit of digital marketing.

What particular web designing services do we offer?

We work with our team of dedicated graphic designers and website designing professionals to walk you through all the steps that conclude in your emerging website. Making use of various techniques and tools such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla and Open cart, we create a customized template design for your website. While doing so we ensure that all the aspects of your website including layout and user interface are easy to navigate and are also SEO friendly and with perfectly engaging graphic design elements like logos, banners, and posters for brand endorsements.

We offer all of the following as a part of our web designing services:

Custom Design

Customized development and designing of the website in keeping with the requirements of the clients while at the same time ensuring a personal touch

Responsive Web Designing

This is the kind of designing which ensures that your website looks as good on your mobile phone as it does on your desktop, or your I-pad as well as that of your customers.

Seo Friendly

This is the kind of designing which ensures that your website looks as good on your mobile phone as it does on your desktop, or your I-pad as well as that of your customers.

What's the first step in the process of Web Designing?

Generally, when we kick off this process, the first step is usually buying a domain name and engaging in domain hosting services. Many wonder about the need for having an established online presence in general and owning their own website in particular.

Today, we live in the 21st century, which is the most technologically immersive era in the history of time. The combination of access to the speedy internet and the presence of the World Wide Web have together created a digital revolution like no other. Social media and social networking are the reasons why it is imperative for almost every firm and brand today to have a certain amount of online presence in order to expand their client base. This is one of the main reasons why many businesses feel the need to employ the best in class web designing services.

These services ensure that you have a website which is not just up and running but is also highly interactive and has the perfect look and feel which is required to create an immersive visual appeal, is not just highly responsive but also entirely mobile friendly. At the same time, a good website is one which is impeccable at lead generation, highlighting the best services offered by the brand, quality control, tracking of the visitors and ensuring best kind of engagement for them and ensuring major improvement in the various services of the products offered.

At Last Search, we provide you with a varied portfolio of websites that you can choose from on the basis of what fits your needs and requirements the best. We offer web designing services on the basis of the format of the website which you are looking for, as well as on the basis of the number of pages that you would require in a website to effectively promote your brand.

On the basis of the format we offer the following websites:

  • Corporate Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Personal website
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio
  • Web portal

How do we create the best website designs?

Any website, regardless of its format and or its type, ensures a concrete online presence for a brand, not just in that particular country, but also on the global level. Having a website promoting your brand gives your customers a 24*7 access to not just your website but also your brand as a whole unlike the rudimentary way of offline, time-based shopping. Going digital highly promotes cashless transactions thus paving a way towards a cashless, developed economy. At the same time, a website also multiplies your business online as well as offline.

We, at Last Search, are unique in our strategy of making your website incredibly successful and valuable for your brand, by offering you a number of best in class and interactive services. Our services include planning and content creation, finalizing the design and implementing of the same in order to bring about the website in its final format. We also employ coding services and testing services in order to ensure optimum delivery and support. Our single-minded efforts are what make our website designing services one of the most sought-after ones in Mumbai.

On the basis of the format of the website and the number of pages, we offer the following for website designing

  • Landing page ( 1 page website)
  • Static website ( 5-7 pages website)
  • Dynamic website/CMS [Content Management System] ( 15-25 and more pages website)
  • commerce ( payment option)