Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Humankind since its beginning has gone through many revolutions that have changed the way we live our lives. Today the human civilization as a whole is experiencing the biggest revolutions of them all, the digital revolution. Our world is adopting and adapting at a rapid rate all thanks to the internet and all of the amazing services that it has to offer to the world. Just like the majority of the population, even companies in the service industry have highly taken in on this trend of 'going viral'.

When we talk about India and especially about the economic capital of the country Mumbai, including other metropolitan cities, there is one marketing strategy that every company is trying to seek the best one out in order to grow their business. This is the SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy. If you happen to be a newbie on the website front, implementing this strategy would bring your website a lot more visibility on the web, think how much being on the first page of the search results of Google would benefit your company!

Last Search is a digital services providing firm in Mumbai, which prides itself in being able to provide world class SEO services to all of its clients. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a congregation of services which enhance the online visibility of a company's website. Now these services can be both direct and general in nature. They can be directed towards image search, video search or even academic search, search for the news, searches that are specific to vertical searches in any industry and so on.

Last Search specializes in providing their clients with all of these services also including the local search services. The whole process involves a number of algorithms, which are programmed by computers and are supposed to look after and supervise the behaviour of the search engines, which basically involves studying what all the general public is searching for, the keywords they use and what are the websites used by them in order to look for a specific product.

So in a nutshell, SEO services involve;

  • Optimization of a website
  • Editing and addition of the content
  • Developing the HTML of a website
  • Coding that is related to increase in both the relevance and the hassle free nature of search engines
  • Increasing the chances of optimum back linking as well as inbound links including other SEO tactics

What particular SEO services do we offer?

Generally, most of the SEO work is involved with the way Google functions and is entirely based on how accurate the results of a certain search of a particular key word are. Recently Google has released various documents which help the SEO services of various firm including Last Search to refine their strategy of providing of the services and help companies by building high quality, optimally functioning websites, which promote growth and widen the audience base for the company that is their client. These days the newest trends are ensuring SEO services for websites which are mobile friendly.

At Last Search we use extremely helpful algorithms which help companies get higher traffic, generate more and more rankings, ensure that they attract an organic traffic, grow at a much faster rate, get higher ranks in the google search and in general get them better recognition online.

We offer all of the following as a part of our web designing services:

On-page SEO

It is popularly known as On-site SEO and it basically involves the process of the varied sections of a website that as a result will increase the rankings of it on various search engines. There are various elements that are involved in on page SEO like Title Tags, Headings, URL Structure, ALT text for images, Fast loading pages, page content and so on. Its effective usage is in ensuring optimum level of functionality of the website both for the owners as well as the customers

Off-page SEO

Another name for off-site SEO is back linking of the pages of a website. It is a process whereby the authority of any domain name is increased through other websites. These websites are generally ranked by websites like Wikipedia and there also happens to be a scoring system which is maintained in order to rank such websites, by comparing them to other websites. Here what is more important than algorithms, is the presence of original content and the ability to consistently keep on generating the same. The various techniques involved here include reaching out to influencers and convincing them to share the SEO rich content, or go on and post of guest blogs in order to get the necessary links.


At Last Search, there happens to be a team of SEO experts who are specially trained in management and delivery of excellent quality SEO services, which include both on page and off page SEO. There are other elements which make up these techniques and they are Optimizing Meta Tags, H1, Image optimizing, Plagiarism checker, Alt Tags, Internal Building for on page SEO and Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog commenting on relevant side, Blog Posting, Article Submission for off page SEO services offered by the efficient team here at Last Search.

If you were to ask the team at Last Search what is the philosophy that they follow while providing their clients with SEO services. Or what is the one motto that drives in providing their customers with results par excellence, the following would sum up their answer:

  • We at Last Search ensure that all of our clients get not just a strong, but also an outstanding brand presence online. This includes their online presence on various website platforms like Yahoo, Google and so on.
  • Through our services, we ensure that there are sufficient measures being taken in order to create absolutely near perfect brand awareness of the website.
  • Full promotion of your websites through the use of various different techniques and on various portals and platforms.
  • Apart from all of this, we are always up to date with the new guidelines that Google employs in order to make the process of SEO services both smooth and efficient.

Here's what our go-to words which make up our approach at Last Search to provide our clients with best in class SEO services

Keyword Selection: Most relevant keywords are used and employed to further improve the rankings of the website
Seo-Friendly Website: Techniques which help the website become extremely updated and function-able in terms of the online presence and being able to have more internet exposure.
Good Quality Content: No duplicate content. For us plagiarism is an absolute no-no.
Responsive for mobile: Our SEO techniques ensure that your website has the similar amount of visibility and easy UI on both your laptops as well as your mobiles.
Using Analytics to track your results: Excellent analytics and algorithms are utilized for helping you get results.
White Hat Techniques: We promote your website most effectively by putting in place the most appropriate techniques of less usage of more competitive key words and so on.
Creation of good backlinks: We at Last Search make the most efficient use of off-site SEO services by finding you the best in class influencers and contacting the most effective third party and guest post websites.
Avoiding Spammy Links: Any link that is potentially a spam link is strictly prohibited in our area of work.
Using different tools to check your performance: We believe in full optimization of various tools in order to provide you with the most perfect results.
Updating Reports time to time: Always remaining updated are the watchwords that we at Last Search religiously follow when it comes to providing excellent SEO services.
We at Last Search are known to be an imminent brand when it comes to providing excellent quality SEO services and our recognised for the same in Mumbai as well as India. Our aim is to enrich your website and ensure the maximum pair of eyeballs are able to take a gander at the way your website functions, and generate traction in order to help you both expand and grow.

In a nutshell, we look to serve our customers through the following;

  • High RoI - SEO services offered by the team at Last Search give you a guaranteed return on your investments.
  • Lead Generation - Perfect lead generation with the help of organic online traffic helps website reach their target.
  • Online Presence - By combining the various tools of SEO at hand with the help of on page and off page SEO, we ensure your greatly influential presence online.
  • Boost your Online Business - By ensuring great SEO services we guarantee a great boost and help for your business.
  • Brand promotion & Awareness