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Digital Marketing is increasingly becoming a major marketing tool that is used by companies to increase their revenues and profit margins. A highly rewarding marketing medium, digital marketing is soon becoming the most sought after marketing mode. One of the most significant parts of Digital Marketing is Google AdWords. The rapid growth of the digital marketing industry in India has made Google AdWords a highly preferred medium through which businesses can realize the actual potentials of their businesses.

It is estimated that Indian internet traffic is going to be 291 times bigger in 2020 than what it was in 2005. Irrespective of the kind of industry or scale that your business belongs to, you would definitely be missing out on a large customer base by not tapping the capabilities of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords has gradually come to be an indispensible unit of digital marketing, in that, it consists of bidding for keywords that are industry relevant as well as those that are relatively more popular than others in order to optimise the chances of the advertisement’s appearance to the visitor. In short, Google AdWords is a service that is made available by Google wherein companies can pay a certain amount, for people to notice their business.

It serves as a great opportunity for any business to leverage the leading search engine’s power. Another significant system associated with Google AdWords is ‘PPC’ or ‘Pay-Per-Click. As the name suggests, PPC refers to a marketing model wherein the advertiser pays for each click that is made on the featured advertisement of their company.

What particular Google Adwords services do we offer?

The catch here is that the ads. that appear, depend on a variety of different factors such as the relevance of the keywords that are bid, the quality of ad. campaigns and the size of the keywords. There may be lots of advertisers wanting to feature their ads. by making use of the same keywords but the position is determined by two very essential technical concepts.

The first one being ‘Cost-Per-Click’ (CPC), which refers to the amount that the advertiser is willing to spend on the campaign and the second concept being, ‘Quality Score’, referring to the keywords’ relevance, landing page quality and the click-through rate (CTR). This might sound to you like an auction but it is very beneficial to your company if used in the correct way.

As you might have already gauged, creating a Google AdWords campaign can be a difficult endeavour but is highly achievable with services from Last Search. Last Search picks out the most relevant pay-per-click keywords and the perfect ad. text while also helping you with increasing your ads.’ quality score so as to ensure that you get maximum ad. clicks at the best prices possible. The best PPC campaigns are those that yield more business than the amount that is given to Google, per click or per visit.


Last Search, one of the best Google AdWord service providers in Mumbai is located out of Malad and is responsible for building winning pay-per-click campaigns for various companies.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign does not stop once the ad. starts running but requires support from service providers even after the ad. budget has exhausted itself.
Last Search provides excellent 24/7 customer support and provides important insights on previously devised ad. campaigns.
Get optimal exposure within your set budget
Works on all devices
Analytics & Reporting: We also offer daily investigative reports for our clients in order to update them on their business success.
Comprehensive keyword research including long tailed and negative keywords to shortlist the keywords that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business

Along with these, the Malad based service provider performs detailed audits and gives you analysed reports of AdWord campaigns which facilitates your understanding of how your ad. spend is contributing towards your business.

Sifting through the basics of setting up a Google AdWords campaign, it starts with selecting the right keywords and then organizing the selected keywords into well-organized campaigns. The next step is to set up an appropriate landing page for better conversions. Designing apt landing pages is highly encouraged so as to reduce costs on the campaign. Google’s way of appreciating a well built ad. campaign is by reducing costs per click (that you, as a business have to pay per click) which means : better the ad. campaign, lower the prices you pay

What Last Search promises ?

  Last Search helps you to target your ads. to specific geographical regions so that your business does not have to pay extra for the regions that you are not primarily targeting, these are known as Geographically targeted ads.

  Ads. can also be set according to the demographics of the population that are part of your target market.

  Last Search also comes to your rescue with bid management for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Steps involve in PPC Services

  Research : Bid management is one of the most complicated steps of PPC as it consists of setting up secure bids that are popular and relevant in order to create successful AdWord campaigns that increase profits for businesses. Further, dividing the Google AdWords campaign setup in steps for better understanding gives us the first step which is : research. Researching includes extensive keyword research, geo-targeting, website research and competitor research.

  Account Setup : The second step is setting up of the campaign which consists of creating a Google AdWords account; allocation of a budget; keyword grouping in campaigns and setting up a bid for the selected keywords. In the second step, you would also have to set up a bid strategy which could either be an automated bid management system or manual big management. Manual big management gives you better control over the campaigns and allows you to better understand how AdWords works.

  Monitor Performance : The third step is reviewing ad. performance which again consists of checking the quality score, impressions, bounce rate and actual conversions from campaign.

  Analysis : The fourth step is optimization of the web page and the account based on the reviews done in the third step. It is very important to understand that setting up a Google AdWords account and running ads. is not an exhaustive procedure but one that goes on even after you have finished running the ad. It is equally important to revise the campaigns by updating bids, testing ads. and removing overlapping keywords from campaigns.

Benefits of PPC advertising and marketing

  India has seen the digital ecosystem grow in the past years because of the various benefits that it renders. From all the available digital marketing channels, Google AdWords is the most direct, effective and measureable marketing channel.

  It allows you to set highly targeted ads. to maximize your returns on advertising spend.

  PPC allows you to target your customers through targeted ads. which can be based on location, language, preferred timings and can be shown to certain targeted audiences

  Marketing through PPC campaigns also allows companies to retarget ads. to potential and existing customers which in turn influences them to make purchases. As an example, audiences that visit a particular website can be categorized and targeted through websites that are on Google’s Display Network.

  The benefits of using Google AdWords can go on but it is extremely important these ads. to be run correctly by experienced individuals in order to make it a success and increase your returns on investment.

Google ads. and PPC have been major influences in the realm of digital marketing and have been changing the way marketers put their businesses in front of their potential and existing customers. Offering a global reach, segmentation along with lower sales costs, Google AdWords is only becoming increasingly significant to business growth in India.